In Searchof the Lost - Coming 11/2018

Two stories fatefully intertwined; One  family's dark and tragic journey, the other a swashbuckling thrill-ride hinged on the fate of humanity.

1930’s Tasmania; Amidst the economic hardships brought on by the
Great Depression, Joe McPherson, the islands wealthiest and most
nefarious rancher, strong-arms the government of Tasmania into
deeming the Tasmanian Tiger a threat to livestock. The government
enacts an over-inflated bounty on the tigers which enlists the most
sinister of cut-throats, eager to the slaughter for quick blood-money.

    A young father, Greg McKinley struggles to protect his family and
a rescued Tasmanian tiger pup from bloodthirsty bounty-hunters that will stop at nothing to cash in its head. Forced to violence and on the run, Greg begins an epic journey into the desolate Australian Outback.

    Present-day; Obsessed with finding the extinct Tasmanian tiger,
wildlife television host Connor Williams is given the once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity to potentially re-discover it with a diverse team and film
crew. With the help of an Aborigine guide, they lead the group across
the unforgiving desert, mountains, and rainforests of the Australian
outback. Sandstorms, flash floods, deadly snakes, giant gut-slashing
birds, aboriginal mystics, hallucinogenic bush drugs and killer crocs are
just the beginning as they go In Search of the Lost…

WarWolves: The Beast of Gan Eden

      December 1942 - Nazi occupied Poland. A desolate concentration camp. A small troop of German soldiers are left to execute the remaining men, women and children that remain. Imprisoned and starved, Mikael and his six year old son await execution. As the firing squad readies, an unarmed american soldier emerges from the forest... bringing with him, The Beast of Gan Eden.


    WarWolves - The Beast of Gan Eden -Short Story Is now available on Amazon. Reviews highly encouraged! The Beast of Gan Eden is a stand-alone segment of WarWolves - the full novel coming 2019.



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